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Recent Grad Courses

The Future of Access Technology (Masters)

How can computing enable new solutions to accessibility, including both access to the world and access to computers? Similarly, how can a disability studies perspective guide us in developing empowering and relevant solutions to accessibility problems? This course explores both of those questions through a combination of discussions, reading, and building.

Assistive Technology (PhD)

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Make your Webpage More Accessible

This is an individual project to make your webpage more accessible. Learning goals include Some of the basic rules for web accessibility How to use an accessibility checker to assess whether a web page is accessible How to fix accessibility problems How to work within the constraints of end-user content editing tools and still make … Continue reading Make your Webpage More Accessible

Final Project

The goal of your final project is to explore an accessibility issue in more depth than you’ve been able to do in our projects so far. In choosing this project, you may want to draw from personal expertise, literature, or user data should you have access to it. Your final project will have three phases: … Continue reading Final Project

Fabrication and Society (PhD)

Rapid Fabrication / Prototyping

Required Readings (videos for these and others found below) Mueller, S., Im, S., Gurevich, S., Teibrich, A., Pfisterer, L., Guimbretière, F., & Baudisch, P. (2014, October). WirePrint: 3D printed previews for fast prototyping. In Proceedings of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (pp. 273-280). ACM. Interactive design space exploration and … Continue reading Rapid Fabrication / Prototyping


Pick one to read (or read both!) Ion, A., Frohnhofen, J., Wall, L., Kovacs, R., Alistar, M., Lindsay, J., … & Baudisch, P. (2016, October). Metamaterial mechanisms. In Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (pp. 529-539). ACM. Ion, A., Wall, L., Kovacs, R., & Baudisch, P. (2017, May). Digital … Continue reading Metamaterials

Current Undergrad Course

Interaction Programming

Middle School Curricula

Receipt Printing Robot

This document is based on a draft curriculum to be used for the 2016 Fall Tech Club (at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh). During this club, students will work together to create a robot that can print quotes out using a receipt printer when a button is pressed, and blink its eyes. Learning Goals; Materials needed; Setup; Curricular … Continue reading Receipt Printing Robot

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