UWEXP Funders

UWEXP was founded with the help of the UW College of Engineering, the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. Our additional funders include Samsung, Google, and the National Science Foundation.

Funder logos including Samsung, Google, Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of engineering, NSF, and Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering

Overview of Findings

UW EXP is analyzing data from 2018 to understand who reports discrimination and how micro-climates in the College of Engineering may correlate with lower stress and depression.

Published Works

UW EXP is publishing our findings on how physical activity and sleep duration change when students report events of unfair treatment.

A Tech-Forward Approach

UW EXP uses data from surveys, phones, Fitbits, and more to capture a comprehensive understanding of the UW student experience.

Dr. Jennifer Mankoff, Principal Investigator

Eve Riskin, Co-Investigator

Anne Browning, Co-Investigator

Kevin Kuehn, Graduate Student

Pamphlet compiled by Addie Bjornson

Anind Dey, Co-Investigator

Paula Nurius, Co-Investigator

Yasaman Sefidgar, Graduate Student

Orson Xu, Graduate Student

Jennifer Mankoff | University of Washington

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