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Welcome to the Make4All Group. We make technologies that support inclusion and accessibility. Our group applies technologies such as data science and 3D printing and other fabrication technologies to improving inclusion in and accessibility of our digital future.

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  • Supporting Diversity in SIGCHI
    Being an ally means being uncomfortable. —R.A.C.E. team, addressing institutional racism within initiatives for SIGCHI’s diversity and inclusion, from their blog post in Interactions Magazine blog The R.A.C.E. team’s powerful blog post addressed material impacts of institutional racism. In support of them, I believe it is critical to tell stories even if they make both … Continue reading Home Page Read more
  • Launching UW CREATE!
    Today is the launch of the UW Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences (CREATE). I’m so excited to be part of this effort, which has representation from across campus. Microsoft has honored us as a founding partner and has been a huge driving force in making CREATE a reality. There is … Continue reading Home Page Read more
  • How Action, Activism, and Advocacy Contribute to Communities
    I have recently been reminded in multiple ways of the many ways that all of us contribute to making our communities better. Communities are created in part through leadership’s actions and choices. Many of us have never received any formal leadership training, but I have been lucky to often encounter examples of leadership worth emulating. … Continue reading Home Page Read more
  • The Value of a Disability Identity
    I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on what it means to identify as disabled. Disability is a social construct in many ways, and the social model of disability argues that structural problems (and social expectations) are a root cause of disability. I would argue also that disability is an individual identity. A disability identity something … Continue reading Home Page Read more
  • Contributing to SIGCHI Accessibility
    The AccessSIGCHI community (a group of volunteers that are working together with SIGACCESS to identify and address accessibility concerns across SIGCHI) has put out it’s 2019 report. I’m not going to copy the whole thing over here, especially since it’s already up on Medium but I do want to call out some important things about … Continue reading Home Page Read more

Jennifer Mankoff | University of Washington