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Welcome to the Make4All Group. We creating general solutions that to lower the ceiling for people with disabilities to accomplish their goals, including programming, physical computing, sports, and more. Our group applies technologies such as 3D printing, knitting and other fabrication technologies to improving inclusion in and accessibility of our digital future.

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  • Fabrication Work at ASSETS 2020
    I attended my second virtual conference in a week, ASSETS 2020. Once again, kudos to the organizers for pulling off a wonderful experience. It was very similar to UIST (discord+zoom), with some different choices for format — a slightly slower pace with more opportunities to take breaks. I’m not sure I have a strong preference … Continue reading Fabrication Work at ASSETS 2020
  • UIST 2020 Trip Report
    I have just finished attending UIST and loved the format this year — it’s been outstanding to attend UIST remotely, and the format of short talks and Q&A format has been very engaging. I think the use of both discord and zoom worked really well together. A little background — I haven’t been able to … Continue reading UIST 2020 Trip Report
  • Life beyond science
    I’ve come to realize over the years that one of the most important things we fail to do as academics is to share the reality of the priorities that we juggle and the ways we spend our time. Just a few days ago my husband and I took the time to talk about this with … Continue reading Life beyond science
  • Supporting Diversity in SIGCHI
    Being an ally means being uncomfortable. —R.A.C.E. team, addressing institutional racism within initiatives for SIGCHI’s diversity and inclusion, from their blog post in Interactions Magazine blog The R.A.C.E. team’s powerful blog post addressed material impacts of institutional racism. In support of them, I believe it is critical to tell stories even if they make both … Continue reading Supporting Diversity in SIGCHI

Jennifer Mankoff | University of Washington