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Welcome to the Make4All Group. We create general solutions that empower people with disabilities to accomplish their goals, including programming, physical computing, sports, and more. Our group applies technologies such as 3D printing, knitting and other fabrication technologies to improving inclusion in and accessibility of our digital future.

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  • A guide to short-term leaves (in U.S. Universities)
    One of the many things we don’t talk about much in academia is the variety of short-term leaves available, when to use them, and how to navigate them. Short-term leaves serve a variety of purposes and yet many of us know little about them or feel as though some of them are more prestigious, and … Continue reading A guide to short-term leaves (in U.S. Universities)
  • Accessibility Course: Centering Disabled Voices
    Over the last six months, I led a team of students* in (re) designing an accessibility course focused on bringing together disability studies, disability justice, and advanced technologies and settings for accessibility technologies. The course focused on three categories of learning goals: (1) Creating Accessible Media and Documents (2) Assessing and Addressing Accessibility Compliance in … Continue reading Accessibility Course: Centering Disabled Voices
  • Bodily Autonomy, Surveillance, and Access
    For people with disabilities, and many other marginalized groups, yesterday’s ruling will not stop abortions from happening. But it will force people to make impossible tradeoffs between safety, access and autonomy.
  • Reflections on Deafhood and A11yhood
    Although it lacks a literal common language, or a name, I would argue that similar to Deafhood, there is a movement toward a disability cultural identity connected to the disability justice movement, what I chose to call A11yhood in the title to this post… Each of us must learn about our identity, and purpose, and power, as disabled people.