Jennifer Mankoff

Research | Students | Teaching | Bio | CV | Advice | Fun | Contact Research My work tackles the technical challenges necessary for everyday individuals and communities to solve real-world problems in domains such as accessibility, health, and sustainability (see all the Make4all projects).  My focus is on computational approaches to fabrication and data analytics. I am currently looking for students interested in working on mobile device (phone/watch) sensing …

Jasper O’Leary

Jasper O’Leary I am a PhD student in Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE). Previously, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. I study how digital fabrication technology can move beyond its focus on making trinket-scale objects for a universal “maker.” Instead, I imagine how we can leverage …

Megan Hofmann

Megan Hofmann is an HCII PhD student working with Jennifer Mankoff and Scott Hudson. P Her research focuses on the intersection of rapid prototyping technology and assistive technology. She is currently working on the DIY Assistive Technology project. She is developing tools that support novice designers and assistive technology users when creating customized devices. The goal …

Picture of Woosux

Woosuk Seo

Woosuk Seo I am a Research Assistant in Computer Science and Engineering. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Informatics at University of Washington. My research goal is to understand the users and to provide them proper information through human-centered design. I aim to empower those people who are often marginalized from mainstream technology. More specifically, …

Nikola Banovic

I am a PhD student working on developing new models of human routine behaviors that will inform the design and support smart agents that help people develop good routines. My most current projects include helping aggressive drivers improve their driving routine to become less aggressive, and helping students develop routines that help them balance their …


Sabrina Pearson

Sabrina Pearson I’m a freshman majoring in Computer Science, from Kirkland Washington. In the lab, I am currently working on the Don’t Touch My Belly project, a fabrication project that aims to explore themes of consent, consisting of a maturity shirt that reacts the wearer’s pregnant belly is touched without asking. I am still exploring …

Nicole Riley

Nicole Riley I am a computer science major from Bellevue, Washington. I am a post-baccalaureate student in CSE (I already have a degree in neurobiology and psychology from UW so I am happy to talk about brains as well as tech). In the Allen School I am the treasurer of ACM-W, a CSE Student Advisory …

Picture of Estelle

Estelle Jiang

Estelle Jiang Hi, there! My name is Estelle Jiang and I’m currently a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Informatics, with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. I’m passionate about exploring & creating the best experience for the user and designing sustainably and meaningful interactions between people, technology, and products. I think design …

Picture of Tracy

Tracy Tran

Tracy Tran Hi there! I’m a CSE senior passionate about creating physical, interactive things to solve human problems. In the lab I am currently working on Interactiles, which improves the accessibility of mobile phones by introducing tangible, tactile interaction to touchscreens, and Don’t Touch My Belly, a maternity shirt that reacts when the wearer’s pregnant …

Picture of Yuqian

Yuqian Sun

Yuqian Sun Hi, I’m Yuqian Sun and I’m an exchange student from University of Tokyo, Japan. I’m interested in how technology can combine with the human cognition, persuade and as a result, change human behavior. My research field is human computer interaction and Ubiquitous Computing. I’m currently working on SPRITEs and Interactiles project.

Picture of Ying

Ying Wang

Ying Wang My name is Ying Wang and I am a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Applied & Computational Mathematical Science. I am interested in the communication between Nature, Human and Technology. She is fascinated by the unlimited potential and profound meaning revealed by data communication and how human-centered design plays an essential …

Picture of Alex

Alex McGregor

Alex McGregor I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science from Spokane, Washington. In the Make4All lab, I have been working on learning how to write programs using Python in the 3D modeling software Fusion 360. One of my biggest passions is 3D printing, so learning more about the modeling side of that has been …


Lindsay Zadunayski (REU Summer 2017)

I am a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute planning to graduate in May 2019.  I am pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics in the School of Science.  This summer I am participating in CRA-W’s Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU). You can contact me at This summer I am working with …



Christian Koehler (PhD)

Samsung (co-advised with Anind Dey)

Julia Schwarz

Julia Schwarz (PhD)

Qeexo, Microsoft (co-advised with Scott Hudson)

Sunyoung Kim

Sunyoung Kim (PhD)

Harvard post doc (co-advised with Eric Paulos)

Tawanna Dillahunt

Tawanna Dillahunt (PhD)

University of Michigan

Amy Hurst

Amy Hurst (PhD)

UMBC (co-advised with Scott Hudson)

Scott Carter

Scott Carter (PhD)

FX Pal

Tara Matthews

Tara Matthews (PhD)


Michael Terry (Post Doc)

Taylor Raack (Masters)

Masters Project, CMU VLIS, Stepgreen NILM support 2011-12

Marty McGuire (Masters)

Masters Project, CMU VLIS, Stepgreen Social Website 2007-08

Miriam Walker (Masters)

2003 MS Thesis “High-Fidelity or Low-fidelity, paper or computer? Choosing attributes when testing web prototypes,” UC Berkeley, Masters Report, 2003

Lauren Chapman (Masters)

MS in Design, Spring 2011, co-advised with Suguru Ishizaki: “Design for Chronic Illness: Exploring service systems & new technologies for patients with type 2 diabetes.”

Catherine Grevet (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2009: “Motivating Community-Oriented Behavior through an Online Social visualization,” Wellesley College.

PhD student at Georgia Tech

Devin BLais (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2009: “Green Facebook Applications: A competitive Analysis,” Carnegie Mellon University.

Ana Ramirez (Masters)

2005 MS Thesis “Designing systems that direct human action.” UC Berkeley, co-advised with Mark Davis, SIMS; NSF Fellowship

Scott Lederer (Masters)

MS, Fall 2003, co-advised with Anind Dey: “Designing disclosure: Interactive personal privacy at the dawn of ubiquitous computing.”

Holly Fait (Masters)

2003 MS Thesis “Simulation of user interaction experiences to improve evaluation for accessibility.”

Wai-Ling Ho-Ching (Masters)

MS, Fall 2003, co-advised with James Landy: “Can you see what I hear? The design and evaluation of a peripheral sound display for the deaf.”

Ruth Wylie (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2003 “The Effects of Computers on Cognitive Assessment,” UC Berkeley.

PhD at CMU; currently faculty at ASU (next position)