Kirstin Early (co-advised with Steven E. Feinberg)

my_home (1)Now at Yahoo!; Graduated 2017

I’m a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Machine Learning Department, jointly advised by Jen Mankoff and Steve Fienberg. My research interests are, broadly, using computation to solve challenges in environmental sustainability and intelligently ordering questions in online surveys. I am currently working on utility (electricity and natural gas) prediction for EDigs, dynamic question ordering in online surveys like the American Community Survey from the Census, and analyzing the effects of gender and authorship in CS/HCI publications.

Outside of research, I’m also involved with Women@SCS at CMU and volunteer with TechNights, a weekly program to introduce middle-school girls to the excitement of computer science through hands-on lessons and activities. Examples of sessions I helped to design and lead include recommender systems, parallelism, and signal processing.

My personal web page is here.

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