Megan Hofmann

A picture of Megan HofmannMegan Hofmann is an HCII PhD student working with Jennifer Mankoff and Scott Hudson. P Her research focuses on the intersection of rapid prototyping technology and assistive technology. She is currently working on the DIY Assistive Technology project. She is developing tools that support novice designers and assistive technology users when creating customized devices. The goal of this research is to enable people with disabilities to develop technology and modify their environment to be accessible.

Past Work

Previously, she was an undergraduate researcher visiting from Colorado State University. Megan conducted undergraduate research at Colorado State University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her research at Colorado State University focused on creating tools that would take PowerPoint slides and making them screen reader accessible for users with vision impairments. Her work at in Maryland centered around design tools for assistive devices. She developed GripFab, a program that allowed novice 3D modelers to create customized grips for users with gripping impairments. She also contributed to a project that investigated the sharing of assistive technology on Thingiverse, a 3D modeling repository.


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