A white man in a light blue shirt wearing glasses, smiling.

Christian Koehler

Christian Koehler is a Principal UX Data Scientist at Oracle Design. He is passionate about the intersection where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) meet and interested in how insights derived from users and users’ data can empower the development of AI to build human-centric technology.

He has experience in a number of different areas from Data Science, over Applied Machine learning to Survey design and interview studies. He develops deep learning algorithms and analyzes large scale data to derive descriptive and inferential statistics. He is familiar with both quantitative and qualitative methods and believes the best technology is being build with the user in mind from the ground up.

His thesis was titled “Indoor Location Prediction through Modeling of Human Spatiotemporal Behavior”

He received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon, where he was advised by Jennifer Mankoff and Anind Dey.


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