James Gan

James Gan is a M.S. Technology Innovation student at the Global Innovation Exchange program at the University of Washington. He is working with Megan Hofmann on a project expanding on the work of her paper “PARTs: Expressing and Reusing Design Intent in 3D Models”, particularly towards allowing the system to create Advanced Tactile Maps. He pursues numerous personal projects, and is an avid Hackathon attendee, having won prizes from Google, BlackRock, and Bloomberg. He hopes to grow his Computer Science skills as much as possible while a student, to help him pursue becoming a Product Manager and potentially pursuing a Ph.D. in the future.
Previously, James was a Program Manager and Consultant at srnd.org, working with Microsoft Philanthropies and managing CodeDay, a series of 24 hour events to promote CS education. Through this role, he was able to promote equality in CS education and get hundreds of students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue CS studies. He graduated from Cornell University in 2018 with a B.A. in Economics with minors in Computer Science, Information Science, and Asian American Studies.
You can find more information about him at https://bellevue.tech