Female-appearing person who is 30 with blonde hair and brown eyes holding a purple umbrella while wearing a black sweater with a large, purple W University of Washington logo. Around her are evergreen trees and a pristine college walkway with a green lawn and brick buildings around. It is raining, very heavily, and dew drops are gathered on her umbrella.

Kate Glazko

Kate is a PhD student in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. She is advised by Professor Jennifer Mankoff. She completed her undergraduate studies at USC, where she double-majored in Computer Science and Business Administration, as well as received her master’s degree in Computer Science. She is an NSF CSGrad4US fellow.

She is interested in studying the intersection of digital and physical technologies that empower those with disabilities or illnesses. Her recent research focuses on generative AI and accessibility, seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities for improving access as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Her website is here: https://kateglazko.com

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