Natasha Sidik

Natasha Ann Sidik is a Senior at the University of Washington majoring in Psychology with a Minor in Informatics. As an advocate for inclusivity, she centers most of her work on learning, normalizing, and sharing best practices around accessibility. 
Growing up in Indonesia and the US as a non-traditional student gave her many perspectives and allowed her to network with diverse groups of people. Under the make4all Lab, Natasha is currently working on research to help improve the experiences of students with disabilities at the University of Washington. Find more of her work at

Yuna Liu

Yuna Liu is a second-year undergraduate majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. She is interested in simulation and mathematical modelling, and hopes to go to graduate school to study related fields. Yuna is currently on a UW EXP project that focuses on systematic review about the generalizability of passive sensing for health & well-being.

Brian Lee

My name is Brian Lee and I am a Junior at the University of Washington studying computer science.
I am passionate about human computer interaction and accessibility in technology, and I am learning to build applications that can have an impact on everyone, not just a select few.
Currently, I am working with Kelly on the Sensing project, building a Samsung SmartWatch and Android phone app to allow people with chronic illnesses to tag and track sensor data throughout their day.

Aadi Jain

I am an avid software enthusiast with keen interest and experience in a wide array of software domains ranging from full stack to low level embedded programming. Currently, a Junior here at the Paul G Allen Institute at UW pursuing Computer Science. I am working on the Sensing App under the supervision of Kelly Mack at the Make4All lab.

Simona Liao

Simona is a sophomore at UW majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies. As an interdisciplinary student, she is passionate about applying technical skills to create a more equitable society. Currently, Simona is working on the UW EXP Study, which aimed to improve the well-being of Engineering students and process the EMA data collected from surveys. Simona is actively involved in leadership roles in the Society of Women Engineers at UW and Minorities in Tech in the Allen School.

Olivia Figueira

Olivia is a student at Santa Clara University pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Economics, and will be graduating in June, 2021. In the summer of 2019, she participated in CRA-WP’s Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU) in the Make4All group with Jennifer Mankoff. She worked closely with Yasaman Sefidgar and Han Zhang to investigate the contribution of correlated stressors on mental health in college students leveraging actively-reported data from surveys and passively-sensed data from phones and wearables from the UWEXP study. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Computer Science and explore the field of human-computer interaction further.

Aashaka Desai

Aashaka is a PhD student in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. She is advised by Dr. Jennifer Mankoff and Dr. Richard Ladner. In 2020, she graduated from University of Delaware with Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Her research interests are in the fields of accessibility and language — specifically how we can use technology to make the world more accessible. She firmly believes communication should not be a privilege — so she hopes to use her background in computer science and cognitive science to think of integrative approaches to multifaceted problems.

Wen Qiu

Wen is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Washington. She is interested in the intersection between design, accessibility, and technology. She is also passionate about computer science education and making it equitable and accessible for all students. She is currently working with Venkatesh Potluri on implementing SPRITEs, a method for vision-impaired users to navigate two-dimensional structures using the keyboard surface, as a plugin on open-source screen readers.

Nayha Auradkar

Nayha is a junior at the Allen School majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Neural Computation and Engineering. She is passionate about using technology to make the world more accessible. She is currently working on the COVID PPE Analysis project where she does quantitative and qualitative analysis on features of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Allen School, she is the chair of ACM-W, an organization dedicated to cultivating a strong supportive community of women in tech.

Evelyn Yang

My name is Evelyn Yang and I am a sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Education, Learning, and Society. I am interested in topics related to equity and accessibility in technology, and I hope to learn how to use CS to address those issues. I am currently working with Taylor on the accessible knitting project.