UWEXP Research Results

The UWEXP Study has been publishing research on a range of topics. Here are publications to date

Leveraging Routine Behavior and Contextually-Filtered Features for Depression Detection among College Students

The rate of depression in college students is rising, which is known to increase suicide risk, lower academic performance and double the likelihood of dropping out. Researchers have used passive mobile sensing technology to assess mental health. Existing work on finding relationships between mobile sensing and depression, as well as identifying depression via sensing features, …

Passively-sensed Behavioral Correlates of Discrimination Events in College Students

A deeper understanding of how discrimination impacts psychological health and well-being of students would allow us to better protect individuals at risk and support those who encounter discrimination. While the link between discrimination and diminished psychological and physical well-being is well established, existing research largely focuses on chronic discrimination and long-term outcomes. A better understanding …

Other publications:

Kuehn, K.S., Sefidgar, Y.S., Nurius, P., Browning, A., Riskin, E., Dey, A., & Mankoff, J. (October, 2019). Using Passive Data Monitoring and Machine Learning Algorithms to Examine Negative Affect and Coping Behaviors Among College Students Experiencing Suicidal Ideation. Paper presented at the 2019 IASR/AFSP International Summit on Suicide Research, Miami, FL.

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