Health Inequalities Study

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We are researchers at the University of Washington who are investigating health inequalities. In this study, we are surveying patients with disabilities or chronic health conditions about the types of accommodations they may use or want during their appointments.

When going to your medical appointments, getting the necessary accommodations is crucial to ensuring that you get the proper care; however, these accommodations are often difficult to request because they require a lot of lead time, they may not be available, or it is unclear on what accommodations you can request.

For these reasons, we are launching this survey to see what accommodations patients have interacted with or would want available. We hope that gathering this information will help us provide feedback to healthcare systems so that we can improve access to and the quality of these accommodations.

These accommodations include
Communication accommodations: interpreters, plain text language summaries of appointments, and audio amplification
Mobility support: temporary mobility devices and personnel to help with navigation
Technology accessibility: telehealth options, screen reader support, and captioning support
Equipment availability: getting access to proper-sized equipment

Patient using a visual remote interpreting service to communicate with doctor
Communication Aids
Patient talking with a healthcare professional on their computer
Technology Ease of Access
Patient being pushed on a wheelchair by a clinician
Mobility Support
Patient getting a blood pressure test
Equipment Availability/Sizing

If you are a patient who has used any accommodations, including any that may not be listed above, we would love it if you could consider participating in our study! Details are below:

Study details
Length: 10-20 minutes
Eligibility criteria:
– At least 18 years old
– Had at least one visit to a medical professional in the past year
– Have a disability or other chronic condition and/or use disability services
– Located in the U.S.
Compensation: You will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card

If you have any questions or concerns later, you can contact me at and if you want to get in contact with UW’s Human Subjects Division, you can reach them at (206) 543-0098. 

Link to survey: