3D Printing for Social Good Final Project

The goal of the final project assignment is to give you an opportunity both to become comfortable using a 3D printer and to think about novel research that can be done with the printer and begin defining and executing on such a problem. It is very open ended, and there is no single ‘right’ answer to what makes a successful projects.

This project is divided into three pieces.

1) The first is a proposal. This is an individual proposal. We will spend 3 minutes per proposal in class hearing your ideas, and you will turn in a brief description of them on Canvas.

  • Your proposal should involve some sort of fabrication, and be in one of the areas we have explored during class (including both application domains and advances such as printing with new materials). The rest is up to you, though I am happy to provide guidance.
  • It should be no more than one page long, including references (which are optional)
  • It should be organized as follows: Promise (what opportunity it creates); Obstacle (why is it currently not possible); Solution (what you will do).

2) The second is team formation. Each of you will be asked to assign a points to every proposal indicating your interest in it.  You have 20 votes, and may apply up to four for any one project. You may not vote for your own project. Approximately 5 of the projects will be selected as starting points, allowing teams of 3-4 students to be assigned based on approximate best match. Swaps will be allowed with permission of the instructor, once both teams agree.

3) The final project should include a two page report and a final presentation. The presentation should include a prototype (fabricated), discuss the promise, obstacle, and explain your solution process.

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