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Anticipate and Adjust

Kelly MackEmma McDonnellVenkatesh PotluriMaggie XuJailyn ZabalaJeffrey Bigham, Jennifer Mankoff, Cynthia L. Bennett:
Anticipate and Adjust: Cultivating Access in Human-Centered Methods. CHI 2022: 603:1-603:18 [pdf] [Plain Language Summary]

“Human-centered research” must make sure that research practices are accessible for both participants and researchers with disabilities. Yet, people rarely discuss how to make common methods accessible. We interviewed 17 accessibility experts who were researchers or community organizers about their practices. Our findings emphasize the importance of considering accessibility at all stages of the research process and across different dimensions of studies like communication, materials, time, and space. We explore how technology or processes could reflect a norm of accessibility and offer a practical structure for planning accessible research.

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