Volunteer Project & Reflection (due 11/4)

Much of this quarter will likely be spent inventing and building accessibile technology, and you may not have time to also do the sort of participatory design project that would ideally ensure that your technology fully reflects your target user. This project is your opportunity to focus on learning rather than building, observing rather than inventing. Even if you already have a disability or have worked closely with people with disabilities before, you can always learn something new from going out into the field.

The specific volunteer opportunity used in this assignment is still being defined. In the past students have come to technology days at a center for independent living to help fix and configure software AT or provided help at an event (such as a sport event). The goal is for you ta have collaborative or supportive role for this project that may help inform your thinking. More details will be posted here soon

At the end you should write a short reflection (about 1 page) about your experience. This reflection should touch on the following topics:

  • What did you do (what organization did you work for, what specific people did you work with, and what did you do for/with them?)
  • What did you observe (what stood out to you as interesting about the space, people, and task that you engaged with? Were there things that worked particularly well? Were there breakdowns?)
  • What did you learn (did you learn something about accessible technologies? Anything that might inform your approach to research?)

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