Sketchup Interface with plugin for RapID being used to create a Tic Tac Toe board.

RapID — interactive RFID

RapID – A framework for fabricating low-latency interactive objects with RFID tags

RFID tags can be used to add inexpensive, wireless, batteryless sensing to objects. However, quickly and accurately estimating the state of an RFID tag is difficult. In this work, we show how to achieve low-latency manipulation and movement sensing with off-the-shelf RFID tags and readers. Our approach couples a probabilistic filtering layer with a monte- carlo-sampling-based interaction layer, preserving uncertainty in tag reads until they can be resolved in the context of interactions. This allows designers’ code to reason about inputs at a high level. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach with a number of interactive objects, along with a library of components that can be combined to make new designs.

bestRapID: A Framework for Fabricating Low-Latency Interactive Objects with RFID Tags (CHI 2016, Page 5897) Andrew Spielberg, Alanson Sample, Scott E. Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff, James McCann

mixer-use quiz-use tic-tac-toe-play
pong-use pong-build tic-tac-toe-sketchup

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