Happy Goodbyes

Party Time!

This weekend we held a goodbye party for the kids’ friends (and some of ours as well :). The children helped prepare adorable signs (“I love you.” “I will see you soon again!”) and we served Mango Lassi and a swiss cheese pie made with rice as the “crust” in honor of our planned travels.

I was not sure what to expect — tears, difficult goodbyes, and worried children all seemed like possibilities. Leaving, in my recent experience, has always been a large permanent move (graduating from College, graduate school, moving from one coast to another, and so on). Not something to be taken lightly, but rather a time of tears and heartache mixed with excitement and planning.

This time around it seems different … more reminiscent of going home for a summer. The children enjoyed every minute of the party and shed not a tear. They swam in the pond, put up a “No Adults Allowed” sign on the treehouse, and generally owned the yard. Thanks to all our friends for helping create  a wonderful collection of memories and photos that will carry us forward through the time away.

6 weeks and counting

In just over 6 weeks, my family and I will be getting on an airplane to Hyderabad, India, to begin approximately year of living on two different continents. Suddenly, it all seems so close upon us. Rather than trying to do everything necessary to prepare, I’ve tried to keep tiers of importance in my mind. Health, first, of course. Vaccines. Next, a place to go (school for the kids, work for us, housing, etc.). Third, finances (salary, rental of our home, and so on).

Only after those three are done (and they are 🙂 ) did we start paying attention to other necessities (tickets, visas, maintenance issues such as a yard person, someone to look after maintenance inside the home, and a place to keep our cars and our pets).

All of that is done (and it has taken months!), I just keep telling myself everything else is gravy. Packing? Sure — but if we forget something, I’m sure we’ll be able to fix it. People? We’re throwing a goodbye party, mainly for the kids’ sake.

Of course, the “gravy” is eating up lots of time, and probably will until the moment we get on the plane. But rather than stress about it, we just keep reminding each other about what’s important — working together as a team and being ready for whatever twists and turns we encounter between now and when we return. So while it’s a lot to do, I’d rather do it in 6 weeks than have a year to plan: Whatever happens next, we’ll be getting on that plane in 6 weeks and entering a new country, learning a new language, changing everything.

Luckily, one thing will be the same no matter where we go: Our family.