Revolutionizing Assistive Device Creation

President Obama once said ‘3D printing […] has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything” [Obama 2013].’ One might say that computers have the same ability. Together, computational advances and fabrication can revolutionize personal problem solving.

To revolutionize the creation of assistive technology, our work is divided into three complementary activities

This is already becoming apparent in the domain of assistive technology. One in 5 Americans has a disability, and the needs of people with disabilities are extremely heterogeneous. Yet assistive technology today is mostly homogenous and very expensive. However, groups such as E-Nable are revolutionizing this process by linking volunteer makers with people who need prosthetic hands, and providing them with the means to 3D print and assemble those hands.

Our group is focused on the scientific challenges that can make the vision of community creation of technology that solves real problems a reality. Our work encompasses computational approaches to making; models for successful multi-stakeholder teamwork; and service delivery innovations. You can find many of us hanging out in the DevLab. We are always looking for new collaborators to work with; contact us if you are interested.